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What is the meaning of bid in Hindi?

Meaning of bid in Hindi is : हाथ बोलना

Definition of word bid

  • To make an offer to pay or accept a certain price. (verb)
  • To offer as a price. (verb)
  • To make an attempt. (verb)
  • To announce (one's goal), before starting play. (verb)
  • To proclaim (a bede, prayer); to pray. (verb)
  • An offer at an auction. (noun)
  • A (failed) attempt to receive or intercept a pass. (noun)
  • An attempt, effort, or pursuit (of a goal). (noun)
  • To issue a command; to tell. (verb)
  • To invite; to summon; to offer. (verb)
  • To utter a greeting or salutation. (verb)

Examples of word bid

  • Not that I’m planning to bid, but: if I *bid* $2,500 – or $25,000 – and no-one else raises the ante above $2,025.01, presumably I’d win at $2,050 or so.
  • The fact that these three different techniques yield such similar results suggests that awareness of Murkowski's write-in bid is high and her support is solidifying.
  • Juan Martin Del Potro to mount another title bid and it is likely to prove a stretch too far for Mardy Fish, while dangerous floaters Ernests Gulbis and Milos Raonic will fall short.
  • The class of 2008 appeared to be ready to conquer the world but victory in Milan came amid a dramatic implosion of their title bid before Liverpool advanced to the semi-finals in Europe on a spectacular night at Anfield.
  • Looking back over the history of the Chase since it began in 2004 shows that while the first race of the Chase doesn't win a championship, it can certainly end a title bid for drivers that get into a hole early.


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