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What is the meaning of bin in Hindi?

Meaning of bin in Hindi is : मदिरा आदि रखने का स्थान

Definition of word bin

  • A container used for storage. (noun)
  • To dispose of (something) by putting it into a bin, or as if putting it into a bin. (verb)
  • Contraction of being (phrase)

Examples of word bin

  • P­list. bin and P­list. txt, select "P­list. bin" and open it; Then, power off­on once, the depop operation is done.
  • If you do, then critical Cygwin system directories like and bin could easily be corrupted by other (non-Cygwin) applications or packages that use or in.
  • (grep "bin / perl" / usr / bin*) I find a lot of perl programs I can try to read which are written by experienced programmers.
  • They added just quotes from what they called the bin Laden speech.
  • That or run launchy to open the bin; once the recycle bin is open you can do all of the above at once, including drag and drop to a taskbar icon or the window itself.
  • There was a huge range of prices vibrators though, everything from bargain - bin $10 ones all the way up to $300 chiq ones.
  • Looks like it hit the bargain bin already, and that was the first time I even saw the book. laughing in alaska
  • I mostly shift-delete files, so my recycle bin is always empty. ssj4Gogeta
  • Delete the other default quick launch shortcuts (internet explorer, show desktop, etc), so just your recycle bin is there. achali phoenix