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What is the meaning of bink in Hindi?

Meaning of bink in Hindi is :

Definition of word bink

  • A bench. (noun)

Examples of word bink

  • His wife, on the one side, in her pearlings and pudding-sleeves, put the last finishing touch to her holiday's apparel, while she contemplated a very handsome and good-humoured face in a broken mirror, raised upon the "bink" (the shelves on which the plates are disposed) for her special accommodation.
  • Typically, when a raptor appears, starlings produce a metallic "bink" call to alert the flock.
  • Tip o' the keyboard to bink, who sent me these 21st century Dr Who pics and pointed out the differences between them and the old Dr Who and Star Trek.
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  • You could try substituting corn starch for flour, bink.


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