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What is the meaning of biro in Hindi?

Meaning of biro in Hindi is :

Definition of word biro

  • A BIRO brand ballpoint pen. (noun)
  • Any ballpoint pen. (noun)
  • Ink from a ballpoint pen. (noun)

Examples of word biro

  • She seemed to have Lord Mark Malloch-Brown's name biro'ed on her proverbial sleeve.
  • Redtabby - "biro" is used in England to mean a ballpoint pen.
  • When my children were young, I used to attach a little tag or a piece of white cotton ribbon - to scissors for ex - and write with black Bic biro the place where the object had to be returned to.
  • I kinda agree that it ould have being easier if God got a biro to write those books by self
  • I bet if God had a biro things would have been different but men wrote those books.