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What is the meaning of bitch in Hindi?

Meaning of bitch in Hindi is : निंदा करना

Definition of word bitch

  • A female dog or other canine. In particular one who has recently had puppies. (noun)
  • To behave or act as a bitch. (verb)

Examples of word bitch

    • The word bitch stung and confused me about how to handle myself.
    • MARK THE MISOGYNIST: He has a horrible relationship with his mother, ex-wife, and/or girlfriend, usually describes them as crazy, psycho, or bipolar, and he uses the word bitch a lot.
    • For me, it's the stark difference between men using the term bitch and women using the term bitch.
    • In English, the term "bitch" might be closer to conveying what he meant, Mr. Misdaq said.
    • Using the term "bitch" other than its biological meaning is demeaning to women in general.
    • The word "bitch" is still somewhat socially acceptable in modern day conversation, but that doesn't make it any less offensive.
    • "You know that under our Dignity in the Workplace Policy you're not permitted to use the word 'bitch' except as a verb or to refer to a female member of a non-human mammalian species."
    • That realization made me realize the word "bitch" is used as a verbal weapon to manipulate women and helped me get past it and move to a place of real empowerment.
    • The "N word" has roots as old as our nation, while the root's of the derogatory term "bitch" are even older.