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What is the meaning of bite in Hindi?

Meaning of bite in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word bite

  • To cut off a piece by clamping the teeth. (verb)
  • To hold something by clamping one’s teeth. (verb)
  • To attack with the teeth. (verb)
  • To behave aggressively; to reject advances. (verb)
  • To take hold; to establish firm contact with. (verb)
  • To have significant effect, often negative. (verb)
  • To bite a baited hook or other lure and thus be caught. (verb)
  • To accept something offered, often secretly or deceptively, to cause some action by the acceptor. (verb)
  • To sting. (verb)
  • To lack quality; to be worthy of derision; to suck. (verb)
  • To perform oral sex on. Used in invective. (verb)
  • To plagiarize, to imitate. (verb)
  • The act of biting. (noun)
  • The wound left behind after having been bitten. (noun)
  • The swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting. (noun)
  • A piece of food of a size that would be produced by biting; a mouthful. (noun)
  • Something unpleasant. (noun)
  • An act of plagiarism. (noun)
  • A small meal or snack. (noun)
  • aggression (noun)
  • The hold which the short end of a lever has upon the thing to be lifted, or the hold which one part of a machine has upon another. (noun)
  • A cheat; a trick; a fraud. (noun)
  • A sharper; one who cheats. (noun)
  • A blank on the edge or corner of a page, owing to a portion of the frisket, or something else, intervening between the type and paper. (noun)

Examples of word bite

  • "Besides, we ain't goin 'to bite off only just a little _bit_ of a _bite_!
  • My go to lure when I am looking for a bite is a 4inch zoom finese worm texas rigged.
  • The danger from the bite is the an allergic reaction and the swelling of soft tissues which may interfere with your breathing.
  • BLITZER: Let me play a sound bite from a Hispanic activist in Dallas who says she's a Hillary Clinton supporter, a woman by the name of Adelfa Callejo, who made some controversial comments this week.
  • Assuming no prior knowledge in the subject, Yule presents information in short, bite-sized sections, introducing the major concepts in language study - from how children learn language to why men and women speak differently, through all the key elements of language.


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