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What is the meaning of bivariate in Hindi?

Meaning of bivariate in Hindi is : द्विचर

Definition of word bivariate

  • Having or involving exactly two variables (adjective)
  • A polynomial or function with exactly two variables (noun)

Examples of word bivariate

    • Further, they are not able to perform advanced analyses, such as bivariate diagnostic test meta-analyses, because they cannot maximize difficult likelihood functions, and they cannot be readily extended to include additional analytic options.
    • Table 15.1 represents only the bivariate relationship between “true believer” and various other traits.
    • If you just fit a simple bivariate model using CO2 and global average temperature, you would not be particularly confident that you had found a stable, well-fitting relationship.
    • If it's a bivariate regression of mental health vs. those various other measures, that's essentially the same as a correlation and those are reported in the paper in the first table.
    • A bivariate regression of mental health vs. other measures isn't quite the same as a correlation for binary variables, I think, but I was more interested in a multiple regression which is not the same as a correlation.


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