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What is the meaning of blackball in Hindi?

Meaning of blackball in Hindi is : बहिष्कृत करना

Definition of word blackball

  • a rejection, a vote against admitting someone (noun)
  • a black ball used to indicate such a negative vote (noun)
  • the act of so rejecting someone (noun)
  • A kind of large black sweet; niggerball (noun)
  • to vote against, especially in an exclusive organization (verb)
  • to ostracize (verb)

Examples of word blackball

  • The lucrative 1946 tour was especially welcomed by the chronically underpaid "blackball" players.
  • "Additionally, the defendants acted to 'blackball' and banish plaintiff and anyone associated with plaintiff permanently from ExxonMobil facilities and premises without limitation."
  • But in fact, what he really should be concerned about is not "blackball," but rather "blackmail."
  • President Obama has been making great pains to try to change our image before the world, one that he believes George W. Bush perpetuated and that has led to our virtual "blackball" by many nations.
  • The attorneys claim that Villalobos and others conspired to "blackball" and "black-list" them and that he instructed assistant DAs and staff that neither probation nor plea bargains are to be made available to the clients of these defense attorneys.


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