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What is the meaning of blackness in Hindi?

Meaning of blackness in Hindi is : श्यामलता

Definition of word blackness

  • The state, property or quality of being black. (noun)
  • The result or product of being black. (noun)

Examples of word blackness

  • Well I guess my blackness is a little lighter now. obama is a liar
  • Some reviewers have criticized what they see as a propensity toward contradiction in the book, but one wonders whether it isn't an inevitable byproduct of her approach; Dickerson imagines a world where "blackness" is allowed its contradictions, and doesn't require a party line.
  • So I started mulling things over, thinking of cool stuff I could include — newts, banana slugs, pit toilets, sinister park rangers, the inside-a-coffin blackness of two a.m., the weirdos in the campsites nearby, etc.
  • In contrast, I feel that blackness is something that will be highly relevant to a financially significant number of readers.
  • Her blackness is an important part of her character and helps to determine why she does what she does within the story.


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