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What is the meaning of blandness in Hindi?

Meaning of blandness in Hindi is : कोमलता

Definition of word blandness

  • The state, quality, or characteristic of being bland. (noun)

Examples of word blandness

  • It is opposed to what it calls the blandness and crassness of the modern world.
  • A check-the-boxes approach to creativity is more likely to result in blandness and failure.
  • But she managed to school her expression for blandness, averting her eyes slightly to stare at a tapestry.
  • It’s this ‘parsnip policy’ that, arguably, imbues ELT books with a certain blandness – what Mario Rinvolucri once characterised as “the soft, fudgey, sub-journalistic, woman’s magaziney world of EFLese course materials” (1999, p. 14).
  • He has sought to turn his everyman image—some call it blandness—into a virtue, saying these are serious times.


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