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What is the meaning of blast in Hindi?

Meaning of blast in Hindi is : हवा से बजने वाले बाजे का शब्द

Definition of word blast

  • A violent gust of wind. (noun)
  • A forcible stream of air from an orifice, as from a bellows, the mouth, etc. Hence: The continuous blowing to which one charge of ore or metal is subjected in a furnace; as, to melt so many tons of iron at a blast. (noun)
  • An explosion. (noun)
  • A loud, sudden sound. (noun)
  • A good time; an enjoyable moment. (noun)
  • To make a loud noise. (verb)
  • To shatter, as if by an explosion. (verb)
  • To open up a hole in, usually by means of a sudden and imprecise method (such as an explosion). (verb)
  • To curse; to damn. (verb)
  • (sci-fi) To shoot, especially with an energy weapon (as opposed to one which fires projectiles). (verb)
  • To shoot; kick the ball in hope of scoring a goal. (verb)
  • To criticize or reprimand severely; to verbally discipline or punish. (verb)
  • To blight or wither. (verb)
  • To be blighted or withered. (verb)
  • To blow, as on a trumpet. (verb)
  • Blast it; damn it. (interjection)
  • An immature or undifferentiated cell (e.g., lymphoblast, myeloblast). (noun)

Examples of word blast

  • IV. vii.155 (308,9) blast in proof] This, I believe, is a metaphor taken from a mine, which, in the proof or execution, sometimes breaks out with an ineffectual _blast_.
  • I grew up on a diet of stock-car racing at the long-defunct Walthamstow Stadium in the Sixties, and the term "blast from the past" could not be more apt.
  • People here say that the -- what they call blast walls, which are basically large concrete barriers, or large containers filled with dirt, had been erected in front of the embassy, and that those blast walls probably absorbed about 90 percent of the explosive impact of that suicide bomb.
  • It had been moved over the Great Lakes and the rails to what they call a blast furnace, the technological name of which being The College of Needful Knocks for Red Mud.
  • The blast is the deadliest such incident since a series of blasts killed three people in Bangkok on New Year's Eve in 2006.


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