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What is the meaning of blazon in Hindi?

Meaning of blazon in Hindi is : चारों ओर फैलाना या प्रचार करना

Definition of word blazon

  • A verbal or written description of a coat of arms. (noun)
    हथियारों के कोट का मौखिक या लिखित विवरण।

Examples of word blazon

  • * As noted in Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry, the word blazon comes from the German word blasen, to blow as with a horn, because in the age of heraldry the style and arms of each knight were so proclaimed on public occasions.
  • The blazon is followed by a first-person report of a fantasy
  • English Rolls and examples of Arms. The Royal bird, however, does not occur in English blazon so frequently as the Lion; and his appearance often denotes an alliance with German Princes.
  • Though he was not strong enough in French blazon to know the house that bore that device, Antonin felt sure that the Cinq-Cygnes would not send their chariot, nor the Princess de Cadignan a missive by her maid, except to a person of the highest nobility.
  • The GYRON, a triangular figure, not known in English blazon as a separate charge (except perhaps in the one case of the arms of
  • -- When a knight entered the lists at a tournament, his presence was announced by sound of trumpet or horn, after which the officers of arms, the official Heralds, declared his armorial insignia -- they “blazoned” his Arms. This term, “to blazon,” derived from the German word “_blasen_,” signifying “to blow a blast on
  • And for the heraldry buffs among you: The technical heraldic description of the Middleton Coat of Arms, known as a 'blazon' is
  • Below many of the shields, another later scribe has penned a blazon a formal description of the coat of arms.
  • Below the painted shield, the later scribe has penned the blazon "Sapphire a bend Topaz surmounted of a fillet Ruby."