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What is the meaning of blending in Hindi?

Meaning of blending in Hindi is : सम्‍ममिश्रण

Definition of word blending

  • Present participle of blend. (verb)

Examples of word blending

  • The key for news blending is to cluster (important!) news as soon as the fresh items are collected, in an ultra-fast way.
  • AA Studio has done perfectly well in blending it into harmony through this Scenography Apartment interior.
  • It certainly brings floral aromatics to the party, so maybe the future is in blending it into Alsatian-style blends?
  • "My experience so far with genre-blending is that while F&SF readers don't mind a bit of romance as a sub-plot, they are very taken aback to have it presented as a main plot, urgently looking for the" important "political action to identify as the plot instead." [via Fred K.]
  • Word-blending is big in campuspeak. “He†™ s sort of a nerd, but he†™ s just so adorkable” combines adorable with dork, the amalgam defined as “endearing though socially inept” by Prof. Connie Eble of the department of English and comparative literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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