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What is the meaning of blight in Hindi?

Meaning of blight in Hindi is : विनाश करना

Definition of word blight

  • any of many plant diseases causing damage to, or the death of, leaves, fruit or other parts (noun)
  • to suffer blight (verb)

Examples of word blight

    • These questions should be well considered, particularly the last one, as it is a well-known fact that in a general way the term blight is frequently used for various injuries or diseases of plants causing the whole or parts to wither and die, whether occasioned by insects, fungi, or atmospheric influences.
    • If he could have seen the expression on Edith's face the night previous, as she looked on his besotted father, he would have cursed more bitterly than ever what he termed the blight of his life.
    • “You don’t have to answer, but you might want to churn over if the word blight means anything to you all.”
    • The bad always corrupts the good, a law in nature, until surgical shears are applied crime will increase [sorry] the blight is raging and there is no vaccine. mix acid with alkaline and the litmus will tell you red wins?
    • The Fishwife herself, who gave me the young plants, says that her own crop failed – the tomatoes caught blight from the potatoes in her allotment and had to be ripped up and thrown away.
    • The name "late blight" is appropriate since the fungus strikes late in the growing season, close to harvest time.