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What is the meaning of blind in Hindi?

Meaning of blind in Hindi is : शिकार की टट्टी

Definition of word blind

  • Unable to see, due to physiological or neurological factors. (adjective)
  • Unable to be used to see, due to physiological or neurological factors. (adjective)
  • Failing to see, acknowledge, perceive. (adjective)
  • Of a place, having little or no visibility; as, a blind corner. (adjective)
  • Closed at one end; having a dead end; as, a blind hole, a blind alley. (adjective)
  • Without opening; as, a blind wall. (adjective)
  • smallest or slightest in phrases such as (adjective)
  • without any prior knowledge. (adjective)
  • unconditional; without regard to evidence, logic, reality, accidental mistakes, extenuating circumstances, etc. (adjective)
  • A covering for a window to keep out light. The covering may be made of cloth or of narrow slats that can block light or allow it to pass. (noun)
  • A destination sign mounted on a public transport vehicle displaying the route destination, number, name and/or via points, etc. (noun)
  • Any device intended to conceal or hide; as, a duck blind. (noun)
  • No score. (noun)
  • A forced bet. (noun)
  • A player who is or was forced to make a bet. (noun)
  • To make temporarily or permanently blind. (verb)
  • To curse. (verb)
  • Without seeing; unseeingly. (adverb)
  • Without looking at the cards dealt. (adverb)

Examples of word blind

  • Accordingly, when we say, ËœHomer was a blind man,â„¢ the word Ëœblindâ„¢ actively signifies the passive mode of understanding something as being without sight, and owes its semantic function to the way its corresponding concept is understood.
  • Antonio meets with a blind girl, whom he does or does not love, on whom at least he poetises, and whose forehead, _because she was blind_, he had kissed.
  • We must say of them, “Let them alone; they be blind leaders of the blind” (Matt. xv.
  • And that in certain circumstances, the term blind spot can be politically incorrect?
  • His lack of sight earned him the nickname "blind Sheikh."


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