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What is the meaning of blissful in Hindi?

Meaning of blissful in Hindi is : सुखद

Definition of word blissful

  • Extremely happy; full of joy; experiencing, indicating, causing, or characterized by bliss. (adjective)
  • Blessed; glorified. (adjective)

Examples of word blissful

    • It had taken me two weeks and three focus groups to decide on the word blissful instead of peaceful.
    • However, as I remember from my days teaching, the kids themselves are not walking around in blissful awe but are, instead, wrapped up in all the adventures of this amazing period in their own lives with all the soap opera that often goes with it.
    • The only saving grace: a quiet ten minutes straddling midnight during which I was able to retreat to a quiet location to hear the bells in blissful solitude.
    • "Our schools are orderly, sanitary places where students dwell in blissful ignorance of the chaos that awaits," West said.
    • He knew that he was doing the right thing by holding on, and there came to him certain blissful thrills of satisfaction.


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