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What is the meaning of blithe in Hindi?

Meaning of blithe in Hindi is : हंसमुख

Definition of word blithe

  • Happy, cheerful. (adjective)

Examples of word blithe

  • There was an unopened bottle of Woiwora, that my sister had sent me – in blithe disregard of postal regulations – as a housewarming present, under the impression that decent Polish vodka would be unavailable in the wild West.
  • Affected an expression of blithe dignity for the benefit of any of Williams neighbors who might be wondering at the strange woman on his doorstep who seemed content to knock all night.
  • In 2000, he was in blithe denial about global warming, although by 2001, he was ready to admit that there might be something to it after all.
  • Here is the hardest question: How could the Administration have thought that it was safe to proceed in blithe indifference to the warnings of nearly everyone with operational experience in modern military occupations?