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What is the meaning of bloodline in Hindi?

Meaning of bloodline in Hindi is : सालोहित

Definition of word bloodline

  • The abstract link between a person and their ancestors. (noun)
  • The pedigree of an animal. (noun)
  • By extension, the predecessors of a particular item or product. (noun)

Examples of word bloodline

  • People are dying, mainly Muggles, but also Mudbloods, and any whose bloodline is tainted with that of the non-magical, leading to a growing world that hearkens back to the time of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, as well as echoing the doom and hopelessness of 1984.
  • A closer look will show that label bloodline filled with more industry queens, princesses, and duchesses than any other, and a proven half-century of lady-centric executive leadership in Clive, Tommy, Donnie and Barry.
  • Equally, if a mixed up bloodline is reason enough not to have a Parliament, what are those folks doing on Capitol Hill?
  • The bloodline is good too — his father was signed to his first pro contract by Glen Sather in Edmonton, and his uncle served as Sather's equipment manager for many years with the Oilers, so young Drew has been a rink rat since very early on.
  • The main bloodline of Titans is that it’s basically a journey from action scene to action scene, but in this case that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


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