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What is the meaning of blueness in Hindi?

Meaning of blueness in Hindi is : नीलिमा

Definition of word blueness

  • The state or quality of being blue. (noun)

Examples of word blueness

  • To perceive a blue carpet is to have a representational state the content of which is the carpet and the property blueness, that is,.
  • Behind the blueness was the same evil pink-purple sense that he had felt with the Matrial's torques and with the purple crystal that had linked them.
  • Adding to the blueness were the multi-hued licks of Union Station, especially Ron Block's banjo and Douglas' dobro, an eloquent enhancer of emotions.
  • But was it the "blueness" of it, or was it the fact that the sentiment was touching on a past journey of their own?
  • I suspect most people wouldn't be able to articulate what "blueness" means to your satisfaction either, but they know what they mean.


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