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What is the meaning of bluer in Hindi?

Meaning of bluer in Hindi is :

Definition of word bluer

  • comparative form of blue: more blue (adjective)

Examples of word bluer

  • Reminds me a lot of his old set except bigger and bluer, which isn't a bad thing. dagreenman18
  • The new edition will apparently have "bluer" blues which may require a new copy.
  • Brown stoutly denied being "bluer" than usual, and his superior did not press the point.
  • To quote Gelman: "If poor people were a state, they would be 'bluer' even than Massachusetts; if rich people were a state, they would be as 'red' as Alabama, Kansas, the Dakotas, or Texas."
  • The Smart Brush lets you create quick selections and then add versatile adjustment-layer effects, such as bluer skies, black-and-white effects, whiter teeth, and other portrait enhancements.


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