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What is the meaning of bluffer in Hindi?

Meaning of bluffer in Hindi is :

Definition of word bluffer

  • one who bluffs (noun)
  • comparative form of bluff: more bluff (adjective)

Examples of word bluffer

    • To bluff, unchanged in form, takes on the new meaning of to lie: a bluffer is a liar.
    • Being known as a bluffer, however, is an unambiguously bad thing.
    • The motive for the scam was unclear, with speculation that the bluffer was a pervert who enjoyed preying on grieving women or that he planned to con them out of cash.
    • The site will be kept updated with the latest squad news in the run up to the opening ceremony, with photo galleries of the British squads and 'bluffer's guides' for every sport.
    • To bluff a bluffer was to smite with the steel of justice.


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