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What is the meaning of bluish in Hindi?

Meaning of bluish in Hindi is : हल्का नीला

Definition of word bluish

  • Having a tint or hue similar to the colour blue. (adjective)
  • Somewhat depressed; sad. (adjective)

Examples of word bluish

    • Josef was enveloped in bluish light and disappeared.
    • Ang is clouded in bluish light amidst tails of mist before a Khmer style temple structure.
    • The van is described as a bluish-gray or silver 1994 Chevrolet Lumina Minivan with Illinois license plates:
    • Oriental look: the face of it having the lustre, as well as the pale-green tint, a kind of bluish-green, of a certain type of
    • He wasn't eating well and he spit up a little bit and then about Christmas Day and the day after Christmas, he spit up and turned yellow and kind of bluish around the mouth.


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