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What is the meaning of blurt in Hindi?

Meaning of blurt in Hindi is : बेसमझे बूझे कहना

Definition of word blurt

  • To utter suddenly and unadvisedly; to speak quickly or without thought; to divulge inconsiderately — commonly with out. (verb)

Examples of word blurt

  • After a buzz: If consulting occurs, the consulting is then classified as a blurt as in previous rule, and 4 penalty points will be awarded to the opposing team.
  • I was talking to Huffpo's Paul Abrams about McCain's recent random, counterproductive "blurt" about not wanting to talk to friend Spain and not talking to our enemies.
  • Each change under full throttle is accompanied by a small "blurt" sound, as unburned petrol escapes into the exhaust system, only to explode in that heat.
  • Then, with my arms over my head, mid-poker face from him, I decided this was the best possible time to blurt out, I had cancer.
  • Would he blurt out as he reached for Byrne's hand, "I don't understand you?"


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