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What is the meaning of boak in Hindi?

Meaning of boak in Hindi is :

Definition of word boak

  • To burp. (verb)
  • To retch or vomit. (verb)

Examples of word boak

  • The biblical wisdom, "As a dog returneth to its vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly", becomes, in the Newtyle version, "A dug canna lea its ain boak alane; nor can the bawheid his bawheiditness".
  • And did anyone else here catch that boak worthy editorial endorsement of the "Obama Messiah" on the eve of the Presidential election?
  • October 19th, 2007 at 8: 18 pm paris hilton is a bint. she gives me the boak!!!! the sex tape put me off sex forever!!! she needs to eat. .of course she is thick shes bleached blonde and why cover beautiful brown eyes with blue contact lens??? cos shes thick!!!!
  • He had leaned across the double bed and reached for his bag, remembering even as he thrust his hand inside that the book he was half-way through was now probably some - where above the Atlantic, jammed firmly into seat-pocket 22D, between the lifejacket instructions and the boak-poke.
  • The source of his panic was that he couldn't remember where he had thrown up, indeed couldn't recall the act at all, but was certain it couldn't have been anywhere sensible, because even an unflushed lavvy bowl of boak can't permeate a flat so comprehensively.


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