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What is the meaning of boar in Hindi?

Meaning of boar in Hindi is : सूकर

Definition of word boar

  • A wild boar (Sus scrofa), the wild ancestor of the domesticated pig. (noun)
  • A male pig. (noun)

Examples of word boar

    • It seems that the boar is the most frightening creature in the swamp, even moreso than the alligator.
    • A great want of one part of the animal world has consisted in the desire of the exclusive possession of the females; and these have acquired weapons to combat each other for this purpose, as the very thick shield-like horny skin on the shoulder of the boar is a defence only against animals of his own species, who strike obliquely upwards, nor are his tushes for other purposes, except to defend himself, as he is not naturally
    • The wild boar is often called "the poor man's grizzly bear", and the last thing you need to worry about is destroying too much meat.
    • Hurry, the boar is coming over on the crocodiles, too.
    • F — and I were over the hedge and wading through the flax swamp before we saw that our game was bagged; indeed, we did not know he was dead, and approached him with the greatest caution, for a wounded boar is about the most dangerous animal to attack.


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