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What is the meaning of boatwright in Hindi?

Meaning of boatwright in Hindi is :

Definition of word boatwright

  • A maker of boats, especially of traditional wooden construction. (noun)

Examples of word boatwright

  • Her dad is a boatwright, and he manages a yacht company.
  • Ten strides put the village behind us, though not so far behind that I could not hear the boatwright begin his pounding again, or the children resume their play and their weeping.
  • I reported and proceeded to be screamed at for putting a female on duty at boatwright, how I should have ensured her safety by putting her on a shift with other soldiers and so on and forth.
  • It’s difficult to build a case against a shop that sells sugar, just as it would be very rough to indict a boatwright for building the boats used to smuggle cocaine, but the federal prosecutor has in her arsenal an almost magical bullet: conspiracy.