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What is the meaning of bodied in Hindi?

Meaning of bodied in Hindi is : विशेष प्रकार का शरीर रखने वाला

Definition of word bodied

  • Having a specified form of body (adjective)
  • Having a bodily form; corporeal or incarnate (adjective)

Examples of word bodied

    • Something has to give and it's not a thin bodied animal such as a whitetail.
    • "One of the reasons why I do able-bodied is because the disabled events don't have any long distance races."
    • Being a woman who was born male-bodied is a pretty random thing anyway – and as for everything that follows from that, all the changes, well – just how much random does a girl need in one life, exactly?
    • It pains us to see a formerly stalwart promoter of the corporate agenda side with what we at Murray Hill Inc. call the "bodied humans,", even if Schultz' idea makes a hell-bound snowball look positively indestructible.
    • On the one hand it should be every able bodied workers aspiration to own the roof over his/her head at the end of the day.


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