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What is the meaning of bolded in Hindi?

Meaning of bolded in Hindi is :

Definition of word bolded

  • Past participle of bold (verb)

Examples of word bolded

  • Right at the top of the search results is my website with the excerpted mention I made of him with regards to last week’s meeting and his Veteran’s Day speech, his name bolded out from the rest of the text.
  • My lengthy post from Friday regarding the collapsed "credibility" of the right-wing blogosphere included this paragraph relevant phrase bolded:
  • Are looking at the post again, I see there were 2 that missed being 'bolded', Heart of Darkness and Portrait of a Lady.
  • As though it were a meme, I have "bolded" the items that apply to me.
  • Only batting .247, with 40 HRs, and 101 RBI’s, the bolded are the main keys to success.


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