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What is the meaning of bolds in Hindi?

Meaning of bolds in Hindi is :

Definition of word bolds

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bold. (verb)

Examples of word bolds

  • You could improve your drills by putting your "bolds" or "italics" in the right place to get a neater results when you say rude words like fu When I was in the Guards at no time ever did I, or anyone else I served with consider ourselves to be elite in a military sense.
  • Google now also bolds text suggestions so you can better distinguish them from your list.
  • Much like Australia's three quicks policy, I think this ultra-bolds move betrays a nervousness... it's an all-in bet, and my guess is that both sides are bluffing.
  • Some bloggers put in a lot of bolds and italics and other more fancy formatting.
  • As the Ford Expedition set grows in the 'burbs with their venti bolds in the cup holders so does the sophistication.


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