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What is the meaning of bonk in Hindi?

Meaning of bonk in Hindi is : ज़िद्दीअना

Definition of word bonk

  • To strike or collide with something. (verb)
  • A bump on the head. (noun)

Examples of word bonk

    • *tink scraaaatch hey! bonk clink ow! tink tock bonk*
    • So it's important not to "bonk" - the term used to describe what happens when muscle fuel (glycogen) is depleted and a runner "hits the wall."
    • He passed out while standing, and the bonk was his cranium bouncing off the floor.
    • I hazza hammer.. maybe we cud whak a bonk and flattin tehm owt!
    • While, for an immersive sim, the hollow "bonk" noise engendered by hitting a rival is noticeably unrealistic.
    • Where I have been playing and chatting "bonk" is a short term for an automated emote from the game, saying something like: "Urk hits you over the head."
    • Speaking on Last Call with Carson Daly, Piper explained the terms "bonk" and
    • If you use a FFT application (measures resonances) and so much as "bonk" on a mandolin, anywhere on the mandolin, the FFT will detect all the resonances in the mandolin; top, back, air, body, all of them from one "bonk".
    • Your body stores and releases glycogen from the liver during these active times, but it only has so much ... so when cycling for example, people will 'bonk' or 'hit the wall', where they just run out of juice, so to speak.