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What is the meaning of book in Hindi?

Meaning of book in Hindi is : हस्तलिपि

Definition of word book

Examples of word book

  • Each book is about 200 pages and Book 3 is coming out Jan 23rd you know I have a copy on order.
  • And as Tad Williams makes NO attempt (and doesn't apologize for it, either) at making each book a cohesive work unto itself, Book 3 ended at page 689 with the MOTHER of all cliffhangers.
  • Among his writings are _The Bible, Book by Book_ (1914), _The Bible, Period by
  • That gaze fixed on formless and distant shadows, that losing of oneself in contemplation, that vague dreaminess, which Lamartine admired in Ossian, will be found nowhere in the _Black Book of Carmarthen_, in the _Book of Taliesin_, in the _Red
  • One was entitled _The Book of Him Who Is in the Underworld_ and the other was the _Book of the Portals_.
  • When these Witches were Tryed, several of them confessed a contract with the Devil, by signing his Book, and did express much sorrow for the same, declaring also thir _Confederate Witches_, and said the Tempters of them desired 'em to sign the _Devils Book_, who tormented them till they did it.
  • The Book as Place: The “Networked Book” Becomes the New “In” Destination by Paula Berinstein, Searcher Dec 2006
  • Serial and Model Numbers - 20 Pages for phone Engineering Note Book - Large, 328 page "Fat Book" GIG 'Sweep Protocol Protocol and Notebook 1 2 - Pocket Sized "Field Book" Cell phone with Broadband / EV - DO, SMS, Browser.
  • So, in the aforementioned JMS piece, he mentions his title Book of Lost Souls is "in limbo" at Marvel, as it was part of Marvel's ICON line of comics.