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What is the meaning of bootleg in Hindi?

Meaning of bootleg in Hindi is : सामान अवैध तरीके से बेचना

Definition of word bootleg

  • to make, transport and/or sell illegal alcoholic liquor (verb)
    अवैध शराब बनाने, परिवहन और/या बेचने के लिए
  • The part of a boot that is above the instep (noun)
    बूट का वह भाग जो इंस्टेप के ऊपर होता है
  • illegally produced, transported or sold; pirated (adjective)
    अवैध रूप से उत्पादित, परिवहन या बेचा गया; पायरेटेड

Examples of word bootleg

  • For the sake of sanity, radio shows and other broadcasts are lumped in with "bootlegs" -- the term bootleg is taken to be anything not released by the band on one of its official record companies.
  • No way a bootleg is gong to capture the energy of that show.
  • Since there has never been an official home entertainment release, this rarely-seen work has turned up in bootleg versions.
  • Three cigarette commercials have been circulating in bootleg channels for years.
  • Piracy, as in bootleg sales of CD ` s and DVD ` s.
  • The film is among the most conspicuous titles in bootleg circulation, so Cher fans will have no problems tracking it down.
  • He was sometimes a hard man, something born perhaps of working during the Depression on what are known as bootleg pits - unlicensed coal mines where he often, with a couple of his brothers, would work eight hours with a pick and shovel, then spend eight more hours guarding piles of coal they had mined from desperate and hungry thieves.
  • By the way, I'm happy to announce to those lazy bastards who haven't bought seats, that if they go to the foyer or the shop next to the theater, we are putting out the official bootleg, which is me singing all the Spamalot demos, which will be out for a few weeks before the cast album is available.
  • He finally understood the excitement he had witnessed as a child when the "bootleg" seminars were being held in the family's home.
  • De Vos was famous around Berkeley for what he labeled his free-wheeling extra-curricular "bootleg" seminars-which he held in the little WWII vintage green bungalow across from Kroeber Hall-as well as in his gracious Berkeley Hills home.