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What is the meaning of bootless in Hindi?

Meaning of bootless in Hindi is : व्यर्थ

Definition of word bootless

  • without boots (adjective)
  • profitless; pointless; unavailing (adjective)

Examples of word bootless

    • If their forays were bootless, in the nature of things their forays would cease.
    • Yet to sojourn in San Antonio unherbed was to set off under the searing sun naked, scalped, and bootless across some scree of burning rock straight out of Cormac McCarthy.
    • Hitchens gave short shrift to the "insulting" suggestion that cancer might persuade him to change his position where reason had not, arguing that to ditch principles "held for a lifetime, in the hope of gaining favour at the last minute" would be a "hucksterish choice", and urging those who had taken it upon themselves to pray for him not to "trouble deaf heaven with your bootless cries".
    • And the men appeared, some of his watch, others of the second mate's watch, routed from sleep -- men coatless, and hatless, and bootless; men ghastly-faced with fear but eager for once to spring to the orders of the man who knew and could save their miserable lives from miserable death.
    • But my hands had been tied behind my back and when my bootless feet slipped on the ice I had no way of catching myself.


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