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What is the meaning of bort in Hindi?

Meaning of bort in Hindi is : हीरे की कनी

Definition of word bort

  • Poor quality diamond, used for industrial cutting or abrasion; a poorly crystallized diamond. (noun)

Examples of word bort

  • The black diamonds, called bort, are used mainly for arming diamond drills and for polishing other diamonds.
  • In the diamond industry, the term "bort" is used for diamonds that have a rough, rounded form and which lack a distinct cleavage.
  • a steel bar, the first blow broke the blade without affecting the diamond, yet a piece of bort, or diamond dust, splinters, or defective diamonds (all these being called bort), may readily be pulverised in a hard steel mortar with a hard steel pestle.
  • The best plan is to procure a bit of "bort" which has been used in a diamond drill, and whose properties have therefore been tested to some extent.
  • Detta är mycket effektivt sätt att ta bort vÃ¥ra demokratiska västerländska samhället – och vÃ¥ra nordiska ländernas regeringar är helt verkar under denna agenda.


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