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What is the meaning of bother in Hindi?

Meaning of bother in Hindi is : हाय राम

Definition of word bother

  • To annoy, to disturb, to irritate. (verb)
  • To do something at one's own inconvenience. (verb)
  • To do something which is of negligible inconvenience. (verb)
  • Fuss, ado. (noun)
  • Trouble, inconvenience. (noun)
  • A mild expression of annoyance. (interjection)

Examples of word bother

  • Yeah, hats off to them, no doubt most of them have been in bother that would make any man tremble.
  • The Tongan king on the other hand is happy to have dispensed with Nepotism after sacking his own bother from the job as PM prior, and has used Sevele for bleeding the country dry of its hard earned dollars and aid by handing over millions of dollars in exchange for public owned assets that the king claimed belonged to himself.
  • Does the impression the New York senator can't win bother her?
  • Sun Bear does have one valid complaint: Few who criticize or question his moniker bother to seriously investigate the matter by reading his blog.
  • OK, first off, does the fact that the flight number in the episode title bother anyone else?


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