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What is the meaning of bothered in Hindi?

Meaning of bothered in Hindi is : व्यथित

Definition of word bothered

  • Caused to show discomposure (adjective)
    असमंजस दिखाने के कारण
  • Simple past tense and past participle of bother. (verb)

Examples of word bothered

    • But she had too many crucial driving challenges before her now to evaluate why the word bothered her.
    • This term bothered me when I first started hearing it, but I'd become sort of inured to its ubiquitous presence after a while and stopped really thinking about it.
    • Some of the characters tat were chosen to be developed for this title bothered me to an extent of never gaining the urge to even consider selecting their picture on the roster screen.
    • The only reason that I'm bothered is because it always seems to be Republicans that are acting "immoral."
    • I remain bothered about having high levels government posts too concentrated by family.
    • I don't think the fact that we can play through the game without really being bothered is a sign that the game isn't really as bad as we thought.
    • What we end up doing, those that can be bothered, is sifting through news bulletins, conference coverage, current affairs programmes, blogs, professional political comment (yes, I thought Parris was ace), rather than just buying one newspaper and finding the news in it.