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What is the meaning of boughs in Hindi?

Meaning of boughs in Hindi is :

Definition of word boughs

  • Plural form of bough. (noun)

Examples of word boughs

  • Seven of the cases involved the theft or receiving of items of little or no monetary value — mostly clothing and blankets, as well as boughs from a flake and a dead sister's trunk full of personal effects (all four female complainants filed charges in this category).
  • It was absolutely still; the rain running from the eaves, and the rather wild but very low whistle of the wind round the chimneys and through the boughs were the sole sounds in its neighbourhood.
  • The boughs were a sheet of ice, and her fingers so cold that they could hardly take hold of them.
  • We walked about 300 yards and came to a lot of green boughs on the ground, that was camouflage; underneath the boughs was a whale of a gun, the biggest thing you ever saw in your life-as big as a house.
  • The fruit trees were a-glow with blossom when we reached Normandy, and the pink and white Elves who played hide-and-seek in the boughs were as lovely as Titania.


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