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What is the meaning of bound in Hindi?

Meaning of bound in Hindi is : सीमित करना

Definition of word bound

  • Simple past tense and past participle of bind. (verb)
  • Obliged (to). (adjective)
  • Very likely (to). (adjective)
  • That cannot stand alone as a free word. (adjective)
  • Constrained by a quantifier. (adjective)
  • ready, prepared. (adjective)
  • ready, able to start or go (to); moving in the direction (of). (adjective)
  • A boundary, the border which one must cross in order to enter or leave a territory. (noun)
  • a value which is known to be greater or smaller than a given set of values (noun)
  • To surround a territory or other geographical entity. (verb)
  • To be the boundary of. (verb)
  • A sizeable jump, great leap. (noun)
  • To leap, move by jumping. (verb)

Examples of word bound

  • If later courts were not bound to follow erroneous decisions, then they would only be Ëœboundâ„¢ by earlier, correct judgments.
  • BoC says Canada to gain from U.S. growth spurt forest products sector, in particular, are bound to witness increases in U. S.-bound sales growth, the
  • Only the title bound Cavaliers were able to hold home court so far tonight, as they pummeled the Pistons behind 38 points, 8 rebounds and 7 dimes from King James.
  • "They used the term bound conscience as an excuse not to address that."
  • Supreme Court ended a term bound to affect our lives in significant ways in the months ahead.


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