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What is the meaning of bourn in Hindi?

Meaning of bourn in Hindi is : सीमा

Definition of word bourn

  • A small stream or brook. (noun)

Examples of word bourn

  • There's really only one period in a life, the full stop, "the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns," as Shakespeare put it.
  • What no science fiction writer before the moonshot anticipated was that the Space Race would start out as a contest between two military powers for ascendancy in the 'high ground' of outer space, which then devolved into a prestige project, whose prohibitive costs were bourn for such imponderable goals such as national bragging rights.
  • Researchers study the diving behavior of auks using miniature bird-bourn electronic data-loggers called time-depth recorders (TDRs).
  • June 27, 2009 at 10:58 am i is young thing. i wuzzen even bourn back den!
  • Enter then the tent, for the Argives are eager to set sail from Troy for home; and, when thou hast accomplished all that is appointed thee, thou shalt return with thy children to that bourn where thou hast lodged my son.
  • Farewell, my hapless daughter and yet thou scarce canst reach that bourn.
  • The upstart king is dead and gone; our former monarch now is prince, having made his way even from the bourn of Acheron.
  • Although at the present time TB is largely confined to developing countries; however since TB is an air bourn disease, communicated via breath, it's even more easily spread, and this could increase the stigma that AIDS patients face, further affecting their care.