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What is the meaning of bowed in Hindi?

Meaning of bowed in Hindi is :

Definition of word bowed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of bow. (verb)
  • Having a bow, e.g. a bowed instrument is played with a bow (adjective)

Examples of word bowed

    • Down the line galloped Mr. Grundy again, stopped, bowed, "swung with the left," and _bowed again_.
    • WASHINGTON (AP) - Instead of celebrating another home victory, Alex Ovechkin bowed his head and sat silently on a table outside the Tampa Bay Lightning dressing room.
    • It won't be lost on Pennsylvanians that he kept to his schedule and McCain bowed out. kathy
    • Then Nur al-Din bowed his head, and made these couplets,
    • The ronin bowed to his fellow barista and thanked him for the exquisite coffee.


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