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What is the meaning of bowmen in Hindi?

Meaning of bowmen in Hindi is :

Definition of word bowmen

  • Plural form of bowman. (noun)

Examples of word bowmen

  • * [Footnote: You will see that to make the meter right it is necessary to accent the word bowmen on the last syllable.
  • The bowmen were the chief reliance of the English leaders in those bloody battles which attended our unjust contests for the succession to the crown of France.
  • The opportunity seemed much too good to be let slip, so calling his bowmen and musketeers up on to the poop, he directed them to discharge a volley into the surging mass of men, which they did instantly, with terribly destructive effect.
  • Sometimes a passing army desires merely to amplify its forces, or replace losses, particularly among the lighter arms, such as bowmen, slingers and javelin men.
  • He was the first and most powerful chief of the Fir-bolg ( "bowmen") or Belgæ from Britain who colonized the _southern_ parts of Ireland.


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