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What is the meaning of boy in Hindi?

Meaning of boy in Hindi is : शिशु

Definition of word boy

  • Male servant. (noun)
    पुरुष नौकर।
  • Exclamation of surprise, pleasure or longing. (interjection)
    आश्चर्य, खुशी या लालसा का विस्मयादिबोधक।
  • To use the word boy to refer to someone. (verb)
    किसी को संदर्भित करने के लिए लड़के शब्द का प्रयोग करना।

Examples of word boy

  • If we think about ˜every boy sang™ analogously, ˜boy™ is the internal argument of
  • This boy I started to talk to before I was dating * the boy* ...
  • I say to you, mother, and oh, so earnestly: 'Go teach your boy that which you may never be ashamed to do, about these organs that make him _specially a boy_.'
  • Here “puer, ” boy, and “Displicent, ” displease or annoy, seem to determine, not merely the first rhyme, but the rhyme arrangement (a, a), and it needs but a glance at the close of the first stanza of the original to show that another word rhyming with “boy” would be hard to obtain.
  • In the sentence _The boy who wastes his time does not study_, the words _who wastes his time_ form an adjective clause modifying _boy_, and the sentence is complex.
  • In _The boy wasting his time does not study_, the words _wasting his time_ form an adjective phrase modifying _boy_.
  • Périque of Octave Roussel, w'at dey use call 'im Chat-oué; [2] but he git tired dat name, and now he got lil boy 'bout twenny-five year' ole, an 'dey call de ole man Catou, an' call his lil _boy_ Chat-oué.
  • A starving boy, he roamed the streets of Florence; and the widespread intelligence of the city is marked by Browning's account of the way in which the _boy_ observed all the life of the streets for eight years.
  • "Boy, boy, _boy_!" called the old lady in a voice so entreating, though tremulous, that Bobby felt constrained to return.