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What is the meaning of boyish in Hindi?

Meaning of boyish in Hindi is : लड़कों जैसा

Definition of word boyish

  • Like a boy. (adjective)

Examples of word boyish

  • _not_ chew gum, but she whistled, and the teachers who reproved her most for what they called a boyish trick, always listened intently, when the clear, musical notes, now soft and low, now loud and shrill, were heard outside, or in the building.
  • Snyder, by contrast, beams at us with a certain boyish glee.
  • It was a record David would acknowledge in boyish, self-effacing fashion; sometimes proffering a calling card that identified him as a former chief storekeeper and a retired SEAL with the nickname
  • I'm with Jane -- we can only hope that some little white power girl reads _The Bungalow Mystery_ and sees herself in boyish cousin George!
  • Into his strong young fingers Ulka took a smooth, flat stone; his handsome eyes were lowered in boyish modesty, his thoughts were worshipping her.


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