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What is the meaning of brahmacariya in Hindi?

Meaning of brahmacariya in Hindi is :

Definition of word brahmacariya

Examples of word brahmacariya

  • Thus, in The Chanting Together Sutta (Pali: Sangiti Sutta) within the Long Discourses (Pali: Dighanikaya), one of the nine unfortunate, inopportune times for leading a pure spiritual life (Pali: akkhana asamaya brahmacariya vasaya) is when born in a border region among “foolish barbarians” where there is no access to monks, nuns, laymen, or laywomen.
  • The thick luxuriant forests that fringed the fertile plain of the Ganges river had become the haunt of thousands of men and even a few women who had all shunned their families in order to seek what they called “the holy life” (brahmacariya), and Gotama had made up his mind to join them.