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What is the meaning of break in Hindi?

Meaning of break in Hindi is : सुलझाना

Definition of word break

  • To separate into two or more pieces, to fracture or crack, by a process that cannot easily be reversed for reassembly. (verb)
  • To divide (something, often money) into smaller units. (verb)
  • To cause (a person) to lose his or her spirit or will; to crush the spirits of; to ruin (a person) emotionally. (verb)
  • To cause an animal to lose its will, to tame. (verb)
  • To cause (a habit) to no longer exist. (verb)
  • To ruin financially. (verb)
  • To do that which is forbidden by (a rule, promise, etc.). (verb)
  • To pass the most dangerous part of the illness; to go down, temperaturewise. (verb)
  • To design or use a powerful (yet legal) strategy that unbalances the game in a player's favor. (verb)
  • To stop, or to cause to stop, functioning properly or altogether. (verb)
  • To cause (a barrier) to no longer bar. (verb)
  • To collapse into surf, after arriving in shallow water. A wave breaking. (verb)
  • To end. (verb)
  • To interrupt or cease one's work or occupation temporarily. (verb)
  • To interrupt (a fall) by inserting something so that the falling object not hit something else beneath. (verb)
  • To disclose or make known an item of news, etc. (verb)
  • To arrive. (verb)
  • To become audible suddenly. (verb)
  • To change a steady state abruptly. (verb)
  • To suddenly become. (verb)
  • Of a voice, to alter in type: in men generally to go up, in women sometimes to go down; to crack. (verb)
  • To surpass or do better than (a specific number), to do better than (a record), setting a new record. (verb)
  • : (verb)
  • To demote, to reduce the military rank of. (verb)
  • To end (a connection), to disconnect. (verb)
  • To demulsify. (verb)
  • To counter-attack (verb)
  • An instance of breaking something into two pieces. (noun)
  • A physical space that opens up in something or between two things. (noun)
  • A short section of music, often between verses, in which some performers stop while others continue. (noun)
  • A rest or pause, usually from work; a breaktime. (noun)
  • A temporary split (with a romantic partner). (noun)
  • An interval or intermission between two parts of a performance, for example a theatre show, broadcast, or sports game. (noun)
  • A significant change in circumstance, attitude, perception, or focus of attention: big break, lucky break, bad break. (noun)
  • a change; the end of a spell of persistent good or bad weather (noun)
  • The beginning (of the morning). (noun)
  • An act of escaping. (noun)
  • A place where waves break (that is, where waves pitch or spill forward creating white water). (noun)
  • : (noun)

Examples of word break

  • In some poems, the circumstances under which they are written will be the only introduction necessary, as in the case of _Break, break, break_ or _The Recessional_.
  • The eye alone would never detect the exquisite music of such a poem as _Hide and Seek_, Third Reader, p. 50, or _Break, break, break_, p. 201.
  • * @param string $break The line is broken using the optional break parameter.
  • The lunch break is not only an opportunity to take a break from the conference, should you need one, but also a chance to chat to the other participants and to enjoy the event in a more relaxed social environment.
  • I had parked myself in one of the cafe's comfy chairs in order to mark some papers yes, I'm still having to do this during the term break, when I should be vegging out instead, and the man next to me asked if I was a teacher.