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What is the meaning of breakdown in Hindi?

Meaning of breakdown in Hindi is : विश्लेषण

Definition of word breakdown

  • A failure, particularly mechanical; something that has failed (noun)

Examples of word breakdown

  • In fact, ubiquitin-mediated protein breakdown is involved: the plant recognises and rejects its own pollen!
  • Considering his mother's bipolar disorder, do you think his breakdown is at all symptomatic of a neurological issue?
  • All cycle, nerves have been frazzling two of the contestants separately used the word "breakdown" to describe their emotional state on last week's episode, but we hadn't seen anything like this before.
  • He said at the police Endangered Species Protection Unit (ESPU) banquet in Pretoria the code would be non-negotiable, and was aimed at reversing what he described as a breakdown in the criminal justice system.
  • Frederick Brow says police Chief Leonard Gallo should be fired for what he called a "breakdown in control" of the police department.
  • General Schneiderhan and Mr. Wichert had "assumed responsibility," Mr. Guttenberg said, for what he called a breakdown in communications.
  • The current defense minister, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, said that the two men who resigned on Thursday "assumed responsibility" for what he called a breakdown in communications.
  • Even so, former and likely future Governor Jerry Brown, the old effervescence rising anew, likes to say now that "the breakdown is going to become the breakthrough."
  • Markey's investigation indicates that's where the breakdown is occurring.