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What is the meaning of breakup in Hindi?

Meaning of breakup in Hindi is : समाप्त करना

Definition of word breakup

  • The act of breaking up; disintegration or division (noun)
  • The termination of a romantic or sexual relationship (noun)
  • A loss of emotional control; a breakdown (noun)

Examples of word breakup

  • He has a song called "Flirted With You All My Life," which he described as his breakup song with death, the song about flirting with death and then deciding death, I'm not ready.
  • I'm just saying that they exist so I can say that the breakup is far from a surprise, and in some ways it feels like a relief - not because I don't care for her, but because it has not * felt* like a relationship in quite some time, so now at least the cognitive dissonance of calling it something it's not no longer exists.
  • She called the breakup amicable and said that they planned to continue raising their two young children together.
  • One you get to that point, you can start seeing how the Melfi breakup is integral to the final scene.
  • If you have a happy couple lurking around somewhere, they must end in breakup or death because OMG that's drama.


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