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What is the meaning of brim in Hindi?

Meaning of brim in Hindi is : मूँहा

Definition of word brim

  • The sea; ocean; water; flood. (noun)
  • to be full to overflowing (verb)
  • fierce; sharp; cold (adjective)

Examples of word brim

  • Ensure that the width of the lower brim is not too broad as this would direct most of the light just downwards onto the table and that the lower brim width will define the light distribution pattern.
  • The sweatband under my hat brim is soaking when I see the thatched roof of a little puesto.
  • No sword-grass grows about the margin; there are no blue water forget-me-nots, nor broad lily leaves; the grass at the brim is short and thick, and the weeping willows that droop over the edge grow picturesquely enough.
  • It’s quite a cute hat, and I learned a nice technique in the way the little brim is made.
  • In any World Cup, any stadium that is anything less than full to the brim is a bit sacrilegious to viewers like me who would give a pinkie to be there.
  • A hat with a brim is a must if you decide to take the plunge.