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What is the meaning of bring up in Hindi?

Meaning of bring up in Hindi is :

Definition of word bring up

Examples of word bring up

  • Then I had to create "bringup" script for new "bad-dns-wifi" profile which will modify resolv. conf file.
  • I think there are two important differences you bringup:
  • I think there are two important differences you bringup:
  • He can bringup his magic spreadsheet and give you meaningful numbers, without revealing anything that might jeopardize anyone's privacy.
  • I think it was originally brought up to suggest that anyone noticing that the explosives were harmless road flares was bringup up the fictional "Tommy Boy."
  • Must be capable of hands-on bringup, debug and code optimization.
  • Now lets bringup VNIC6 and configure it including setting up routes in the global zone.
  • Funny when people bringup that congress has a lower approval than Bush -- yet "forget" to mention that 49\% of congress is GOP.
  • The bringup team did some interviews for olpc. tv while we were there, including a demo with Fedora 11 running on the new board.
  • PAS should stop sniping at Penang, Selangor and Perak every now and then, and bringup of issues that will not win voters.


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