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What is the meaning of briskness in Hindi?

Meaning of briskness in Hindi is : त्वरा

Definition of word briskness

  • The property of being brisk. (noun)

Examples of word briskness

  • Upon which design of variety it is, that the poets never represent the same persons always victorious or prosperous or acting with the same constant tenor of virtue; — yea, even the gods themselves, when they engage in human actions, are not represented as free from passions and errors; — lest, for the want of some difficulties. and cross passages, their poems should be destitute of that briskness which is requisite to move and astonish the minds of men.
  • It would also have full marks for briskness and aroma.
  • And all these vehicles went by with a cheerful briskness; there was hardly ever a block for them in the traffic.
  • Their briskness across the stones, their ability to walk untroubled through current and spray and emerge with beaks crammed with larvae, the explosive calls and trilling year-round song that pierced through even this amplified rush of water over rock, were an abundant delight.
  • (Changing his tone abruptly to businesslike briskness.)


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